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AAI Inspects Composite Structures


Arcadia Aerospace Industries Positions Itself to Meet Increasing Need for Comprehensive Testing of Composite-Based Aircraft

Punta Gorda, FL. For immediate release. Driven by the demand for lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft, major aircraft manufacturers have accelerated their shift from all-metal airframes to lightweight composite parts. Inspection and testing of these complex and newly designed parts is critical, and, without specialized equipment it can be both labor-intensive and risky.

Preventing a potentially disastrous manufacturing bottleneck, Arcadia Aerospace has stepped forward as the only firm in North America capable of performing third-party comprehensive inspection and testing of structural composite-based aircraft.

Offering a cost-effective and reliable option to aerospace manufacturers, AAI has opened a new, entirely automated Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) and Portable Coordinate Measurement (PCMM) facility at its Punta Gorda, FL, headquarters.

Already an established high-quality source for aerospace manufacturers looking for a cost-effective way to increase production capacity, AAI provides clients an unusually high level of practical experience, application know-how, and confidentiality. Now, in addition to its electronic part-tracking infrastructure, AAI can respond aggressively to the challenge posed by composite primary structure (CPS) manufacturing components.

AAI is committed to functioning at the highest levels of excellence. The firm's attainment of its self-imposed goal is underscored by its launch and implementation of the digital eQMS (TM JnF Specialties, LLC) Quality System, even while North American Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) audits were being completed. NADCAP authors the most comprehensive quality assurance program in the worldwide aerospace industry, and AAI emerged from those audits with zero non-conformance findings. In addition to earning NADCAP accolades, AAI holds supplemental certificates from both the Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin.

A partial AAI client list includes GKN Aerospace, Honda Aircraft Company, AeroTurbine Company, and Honeycomb Company of America (a major manufacturer of aircraft parts). The newly equipped NDI and PCMM facility is designed for service to a broad spectrum of aerospace manufacturers, including commercial giants Boeing, Vought, and Spirit; defense industry manufacturers General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman; and Alliant TechSystems and Matrix composites both major producers of aerospace components.

NADCAP, a worldwide cooperative program made up of major companies pursuing cost-effective and continually improving solutions within the aerospace and automotive industries, has as its vision the development of a world-class special processor supply-base for the aerospace industry. The existence of a firm such as AAI gives substance to that vision.

Persons desiring further information about AAI and/or its new NDI and PCMM component may contact Technical Sales at or explore this website.

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