Calibration and Mechanical Certification Solutions

Arcadia Aerospace now offers complete Calibration and Mechanical Certification services. These are annual requirements of ultrasonic automated scan systems. The AAI team provides a full-service approach on mechanical systems verification that details the entire integrated system mechanically across our 54-point checklist. Analysis will include at a minimum items such as; machine level, planar of each axis, straightness, accuracy, repeatability, perpendicularity, parallelism, angular and many others. They perform these services on single and multi-bridge open gantries, immersion tanks and other configurations that may also include auxiliary axes analysis.
In addition to Mechanical Calibrations, the AAI electrical engineering team can perform the electronics analysis. These procedures can be customized to maximize efficiency to each integrated system and includes processes in accordance to industry recognized practices such as; ASTM-E317, -1394, MIL-STD-2154, the equipment manufacturer and any client specific requirements. AAI provides full data reporting on the systems entire performance with certificates along with equipment specific calibration procedure’s. We specialize in the complexity of these automated integrated systems used in production and minimize machine downtime with a diverse technical staff.

We provide these solutions on a daily fixed rate and can provide mechanical or electronic calibrations separately as well. We track the calibration histories of our client machinery and automated quality equipment and include them within our digital Recall System. We alert clients of upcoming calibration requirements on specific machinery. At anytime, authorized auditors or quality personnel can access the certification process and verify specific information and performance.

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