Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Outsourcing solutions reduce labor costs providing greater performance in the under utilized, non-core areas of companies as well as freeing up the in-house resources to focus on higher value tasks.

AAI's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Programs are formed around the "value-added" that BPO can provide to Industrial, Aerospace and Defense sector organizations. Business outsourcing can help companies generate a greater share holder value during these times by increasing the performance of their business unit while maintaining a fixed manageable cost. Our Outsourcing Solutions build upon the vast technical experience and specialized skills of the staff at Arcadia Aerospace Industries.
AAI’s solutions are a viewport to "value-added” solutions for the client. Each one independently shows how BPO can be looked at as a powerful means of reducing labor costs and also leads to so much more. For example, AAI can help provide greater performance in the underutilized non-core areas of our customers company as well as freeing up the in-house resources to focus on higher value tasks.

An AAI solution can be packaged to cover some engineering support in the form of internal/external reviews, version control, quality system electronic implementation/deployment, QMS document updating and other vital but lower priority tasks. Thus allowing our customer’s in-house engineering staff to focus on design innovation and higher priority processes better in-line with the urgent needs of their business.

Additional benefits can include; the transition of capital investments over into an operating expense; the ability for management to improve their focus; the access to a greater workforce skill set and to leading technologies; the standardization and centralizing of routine tasks; the ability to handle disruptive flow and to deal easily with any capacity fluctuations.